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Drunken Driving Arrest A 'wake-up' Call, Comedian Kevin Hart Says

Kevin Hart tweeted to his fans that he would VMA 2012 highlights >> Photos: Hart hosts 2012 VMAs "Mr. Hart had objective signs of intoxication and Kardashian was unable to perform the field sobriety tests," click here the statement read. The comedian later tweeted: "When the cop asked me to take the sobriety test I said 'WHY WASTE OUR TIME ... I'M DRUNK MAN.'" Police booked him into jail and held him on a $5,000 bond. "This is a wake up call for me, I have to be smarter & last night I wasn't ... everything happens for a reason," he tweeted Sunday.
Full story: http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/15/showbiz/kevin-hart-dui/index.html

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