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Kwanzaa Celebration Held In Africatown

Kim K Kwanzaa_celebration_held_in_Africatown_2005910000_20131229033508 Kwanzaa is an American born holiday with African roots. Folks in the Plateau community came together Saturday for the annual celebration The Wake Up Choir made up of African immigrates from Light Mission Pentecostal Church set the tone for the Kwanzaa celebration. The steady downpour of rain may have kept the gathering inside the Robert Hall Community Center small, but organizer Robert Battles said that didn't diminish the importance of the annual event. "The purpose of the Kwanzaa program is to bring together unity. Today's principal is cooperative economics, and cooperative economics is where we can focus on ourselves so we can get businesses to work into the African American community," Battles said. click Kwanzaa is an American holiday that started in the late 1960's. It's celebrates seven basis principals intended to remind African Americans of their heritage. Delores Martin has been observing the holiday for two decades. "I usually decorate at my home.
Full story: http://www.fox10tv.com/news/local/mobile-county/kwanzaa-celebration-held-in-africatown

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