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Kim Kardashian Nude ?paper? Pictures, Kris Jenner Is Furious

And when she finally learned that Kim hadnt actually been paid for her work, she was apoplectic. The source explained that Kris actually confronted Kim about her refusal to take the money. She reminded her of the long, hard trek that it took to get to the position that they are currently in, and told her to always take the money for any work that they do. Do you remember what is was like before all this? When you were in Paris Hiltons shadow? Or the hard road it took for us to be in this status were in? Weve come a long way remember that and always get the money. Kim Kardashians pictures for Paper Magazine have been met with a mixed response. Some have applauded her efforts, while others have been quick to lambast her for showing off so much of her body. Earlier today, the editor of Paper Magazine confirmed that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars nude images had in fact been tweaked.

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